Efficient Software
Longgo’s experienced development team ensures the platform is user friendly and easy to use. Both suppliers and sellers can work effectively on the platform and be able to improve efficiency.
Selected Suppliers
Longgo only works with suppliers who provide premium quality products. We work towards creating a platform that will be easy to use for both suppliers and manufacturers to fulfill orders efficiently
Experienced Sellers
Longgo works with experienced sellers who have been in e-commerce for years. Thus, we ensure great service to end customers and that their satisfaction rates remain high.
Multi Sales Channels
Longgo integrates with eBay, Amazon and many online stores. By using a variety of sales channels, we are able to reach a large customer base and provide a variety of products and services.

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About Us

Longgo Auto Parts Inc. is an internet entrepreneurial company with a mission to bring a traditional aftermarket industry to the digital world with the most updated e-commerce software and technologies. Our purpose is to provide a platform that allows auto part manufacturers and suppliers to engage with potential customers, while sustaining and encouraging retailers of all sizes, small or large, to order from manufacturers and distributors through a secure and fully automated process. We guarantee to only provide high quality products and services to our customers.