n2nparts is a technology platform that brings auto part suppliers and online sellers together. It consists of four portals: Vendor, Warehouse, Business E-tailer and Longgo Admin. Vendors can automatically upload inventory data to n2nparts daily. Warehouses can view real-time orders and generate packing lists accordingly. E-tailers can process orders via n2nparts as one entrance to all online portals, including Amazon, Ebay and other webstores.


E-Tailers receive orders from market channels, eBay, Amazon and web-stores

E-Tailers automatically transfer orders to n2nparts.com or manually upload orders

n2nparts.com identifies orders and match inventory with suppliers

n2nparts.com assigns orders online to vendors and warehouses


Vendors and warehouses log in to n2nparts.com and print summarized pick list and packing list.

Orders status are being updated step by step

n2nparts.com Integrated with multiple shipping services

Shipment tracking numbers being uploaded to n2nparts.com

n2nparts.com writes the tracking numbers back to e-Tailers’ desired format or online platform



n2nparts.com also offers the following integrated services:
For E-tailers:

Manage tickets
Assist on listing products for sale
Updated inventory data
Manage multiple sales channels in one place

For Suppliers:

Auto parts aftermarket cataloguing
Warehousing and logistics