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Every new business faces challenges, whether it be struggles promoting its product, having a tight budget or just simply being unable to grasp a firm audience. KarShield, just like any other business, faced many struggles of its own. The ecommerce platform has had an online presence for over two years, encountering ordeals each step of the way. KarShield is in a multibillion dollar industry, with the automotive sector spending over 80 billion dollars each year. KarShield employees worked countless hours on the website, ensuring error free contents, user friendly functions and doing research in order to promote the website and reach a larger audience, with the goal to increase sales.

No business is perfect, and KarShield needed help in order to survive and thrive in the automotive industry. With so much competition and so little room for market entrance, the ecommerce platform needed to respond quickly to the new online world. At the beginning of the website launch, KarShield struggled with the logistics. Listing products became very time consuming, with very little productivity. Employees had to log in to multiple market channels numerous times per day to check an order status or manage tickets. Of course, the biggest struggle of them all was MONEY. Any new small/medium business needs to have a tight budget, ensuring at least a break even amount at the end of the month. So you may ask: how did we develop, promote and finance the website with a limited budget?

Nearly two years after entering the market, KarShield partnered up with, a technology platform that brings auto part suppliers and online sellers together. The benefits are countless; n2nparts identifies orders and matches inventory with KarShield, allowing us to put less focus on inventory and more focus on selling our products and customer service. N2nparts brings the vendors to us, allowing us to sell a greater variety of product at a competitive price. This technology platform promotes the products for us, while at the same time having a user-friendly platform that processes the order in an efficient and effective manner. With this quick streamline process, KarShield has been able to invest more of its profits into the business, which has allowed us to focus on the financial and marketing aspects of company.

Today, KarShield focuses on delivering the best possible service and providing our customers with premium quality products, including wheel hubs, control arms and brake rotors amongst others. Entering a new business is never easy, but with persistence, dedication and with the help of n2nparts, we believe KarShield will thrive in the online world. 

Thank you n2nparts and team for making it all possible! 

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